History of Albion Repro & Graphics

Downtown Littleton had a reprographics shop to copy blueprints and otherwise support the construction industry for over 25 years. For many years it was known as Vantech and run by Dennis Van Dellen on Main Street in Littleton. Ewan Tallentire worked at Vantech for almost 14 years before buying it out to start Albion Repro & Graphics. Ewan added some new services to the printing business including his own specialty of graphics.

In the difficult economy of 2010, many small repro shops in Denver closed. Estimates are that there had been 80 such shops, but only Albion and a few others survived. Albion Repro & Graphics cut costs, moved out of the Rapp Street shop it had been in the past three years, and became a more on-line business by working with Hansen Brothers Printing for drop-off and pick-up.

The changes allowed the printing business to survive six more years, but as the price of printers dropped to the point many small businesses in the architect industry could afford one, and electronic versions replaced prints, by the end of 2016 the printer was not worth maintaining. Ewan closed down the print side of the business, recommending Hope Reprographics (the only other large-format small business left in the area) for large-format printing.

Ewan is still a source of long experience on complex or ancient architectural printing jobs, and he is available for consultation at (303) 795-5369. Ewan has continued with the graphics side of the business; see all the things he is up to at Albion Design Centre.

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photo of print shop