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Home Page

Building your dream home page

This site is here to give you ideas. Look at it and see what features it has that you like, what features you want adapted for your business, and what features aren't here that you will need. You don't have to have exactly five pages as this site does, but like a six-panel brochure, it's a good start on structuring your information, and if something really doesn't fit, you can expand.

Your web space

This site has a home page, three information pages, and a contact information page. The home page is an overview of the site, the three sub-pages give more detailed information, and the contact page is a quick reference for every useful method of contact. Other types of pages to consider: a page of links to your newsletters or articles, a page of pictures from an event, a site map (if you end up with a lot of pages), a page of who's who in your organization, or a page of links to related websites.

Color and texture

Think about what you want the look of the site to say. Bold? Ancient? Flowery? Rough? Forested? Metallic? Forward? Laid-back? Preferably the look should have something to do with the text, unlike this page. (We just thought a space technology motif was cool, and would show you the possibilities.) What colors do you want? You have some choice of fonts, though it may show up differently on different systems. Do you want our standard design, or buttons on the right? Do you need it to be all one column? or two? or three? Think about these things as you look through this sample site, see Albion Design Centre's site for more details, or contact Ewan Tallentire to get started.

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