First Wave of Troops Invading Iwo Jima

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70 years after the Battle of Iwo Jima
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Bill Hudson landed on the small Pacific island of Iwo Jima in the first wave of troops, on February 19th, 1945. It was Hudson's first day of combat. It also happened to be the worst day of the toughest battle in the history of the United States Marine Corps.

Hudson survived, unwounded, on that day and many more days of ferocious battle. His experiences taught him the art of war and how to survive when facing an enemy who could not be beaten, only killed.

The noise was deafening, and the beach was full of smoke, devastation, wounded, mangled, and dead Marines. It was the most horrible sight I had ever seen in my life.

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2006 interview with Bill Hudson on Front & Center with John Callaway

Commemorating the 70th anniversary of the flag-raising on Mount Suribachi, interview with Hudson's platoon leader and hero, Manuel Martinez, who survived unwounded all 26 days of the battle.

Commemorating the 70th anniversary of the end of the battle, at least for the Marines, radio interview with Ewan and Karen Tallentire.

Farewell Letter to Los Alamos

Written by Bill Hudson, published in the Los Alamos Daily Post on 9 August 2015, "the final word from 'an old jock' to the wonderful community of Los Alamos, where I have lived most of my life." (Text file of letter here.)

Remembering William Hudson Jr.
May 19, 1925 - September 11th, 2015

The Wounded Warrior Project is Bill Hudson's recommended charity for donations honoring him.

Pritzker Military Museum and Library memorial page

Los Alamos Monitor memorial page and obituary

A video from the Pritzker Military Museum and Library commemorating Bill Hudson, as he explains a Marine's daily work on Iwo Jima.

Bill Hudson's 90th Birthday

Crowd at Bill Hudson's birthday partyIn May 2015 Bill Hudson celebrated his 90th birthday at an ice cream shop in Los Alamos. The invitation was a notice in the Los Alamos Monitor that over a three-hour period, "If you know Bill in any way you are welcome to come and say 'Happy Birthday' to Bill," adding that "All of Bill's friends are welcome." The crowd that responded made it hard to get a picture of the new nonagenarian.


Contact to schedule an event. Informal events are continuing, check back for a listing of more formal events as the 75th anniversary of WWII events progresses.

24 March 2016 - Talk on Iwo Jima for Trail Life Troop CO-10:10

19 February 2016 - Booksigning and showing of "Uncommon Valor: The Battle of Iwo Jima" at private residence, commemorating the 71st anniversary of the battle. Attendees included a Japanese student learning English.

24 October 2015, 11AM-3PM - Memorial service for Bill Hudson at Fuller Lodge in Los Alamos

21 August 2015 - Showing of "Uncommon Valor: The Battle of Iwo Jima", which includes interviews with Bill Hudson, at the Las Campanas club in Santa Fe. (Restricted to club members and guests.)

7-9 August 2015 - Author booksigning at Los Alamos High School Class of 1985 reunion.

3 August 2015 - "Making Surrender an Option": author essay regarding the seventieth anniversary of the dropping of the atomic bombs.

4 June 2015 - Los Alamos Historical Society History on Tap program "Experiences of Iwo Jima" talk by Bill Hudson, 5:30 - 7PM "He will share his experiences as a Marine on Iwo Jima--and not just the story of the battle. He will tell stories not found in history books."

Memorial Day - Neighborhood talk on Iwo Jima by Ewan Tallentire; call (303) 795-5369 for details.

17 May 2015 - Bill Hudson celebrated his 90th birthday with ice cream

27 March 2015, 7PM - Author booksigning, talk by Ewan Tallentire, and a showing of related museum exhibits at Pueblo Weisbrod Aircraft Museum in Pueblo, CO. Evening event connected with the museum's Family Fun Free Day. (Reschedule of evening event from 13 February. Contact for more information.)

26 March 2015 - Radio interview on Kelley and Company, 710 KNUS, commemorating 70 years from the end of the least for the Marines.

22 February 2015, Hudson's personal hero, Manuel Martinez was interviewed for the 70th anniversary of the Mount Suribachi flag-raising. Martinez survived unwounded all 26 days of the battle.

19 February 2015, 5-7PM Bill Hudson showing video at Santa Fe Council on International Relations, Santa Fe Woman’s Club, 1616 Old Pecos Trail, Santa Fe, NM. Booksigning.

18 February 2015, 7PM, Bill Hudson showing video including interviews with Hudson at Mesa Public Library in Los Alamos, NM. Booksigning in association with Los Alamos Historical Society.

13 February 2015, 1PM and 7PM - Author booksigning, talk and walking tour of related museum exhibits by Ewan Tallentire at Pueblo Weisbrod Aircraft Museum in Pueblo, CO. Download event flyer here.

12 February 2015, 1-2PM, Bemis Library, Littleton, CO. Homeschool event: talk by Ewan Tallentire on why Iwo Jima became a battleground.

Hudson's photo on finishing boot camp

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